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    Metal Core PCB use a base metal material as the heat spreader portion of the circuit board. Base metals in the MCPCB are used as an alternative to FR4 boards for the ability to dissipate heat away from critical board components and to less crucial areas such as the metal heatsink backing or metallic core.

    Generally speaking, aluminum is the most economic option considering thermal conductivity, rigidness, and cost. Therefore, the base/core material of normal Metal Core PCB are made of aluminum. In our company, if not special request, or notes, the metal core refer will be aluminum, then MCPCB will means Aluminum Core PCB. If you need Copper Core PCB, Steel Core PCB, or Stainless steel core PCB, you should add special notes in drawing.

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  • Advantage of MCPCB

    heat dissipation
    Some LEDs dissipate between 2-5W of heat and failures occur when the heat from a LED is not properly removed; a LED’s light output is reduced as well as degradation when the heat remains stagnant in the LED package. The purpose of a MCPCB is to efficiently remove the heat from all topical IC’s (not just LEDs).
    thermal expansion
    Thermal expansion and contraction is the common nature of the substance, different CTE is different in thermal expansion. As its own characterics, aluminum and copper have unique advance than normal FR4, thermal conductivity can be 0.8~3.0 W/c.K.
    dimensional stability
    It is clear that the size of the metal-based printed circuit board more stable than insulating materials. The size change of 2.5 ~ 3.0% when Aluminum PCB and aluminum sandwich panels was heated from 30 ℃ to 140 ~ 150 ℃.

Some Examples of Aluminum Core PCB Uses

  • Automotive: Headlights, Tail light assemblies, Running side markers, Dashboards, and Interior lighting.
  • Military: Headlights, Running lights, Spotlights, Signal beacons, High power flashlights, Power converters, Power supplies, Power transmission systems, Ignition systems, and Power distribution products.
  • Aerospace: Aircraft landing lights, Running lights, Cabin mood lighting systems, Spotlights, and General lighting.
  • Consumer: Street lighting, Traffic control lighting, Interior building lights, Landscape lighting, and Camping gear.
  • Medical: Operating room lighting, Surgical lighting tools, High power scanning technology, and Power converters.

Proper construction of circuitry, dielectric and aluminum layers ensures long-lasting operations and continuous current flow. Achieve the light output you receive while preventing damage or process disruption. Customized solutions are affordable, effective and often necessary to ensure your products work as planned.

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