Lead Time&Shipping

Lead Time &Shipping

ProjectPCB continually works to build your prototype board orders with shorter lead times. And now, with our new quoting system, you can manage build and delivery times(6 or 8 days) so the board order arrives at your office when you need it.

How is my order Build / Lead-time calculated?

Business days are counted as build-time days. Weekends and holidays are not counted as build days.
Please be aware that the first date of order is counted on the second day that we receive your order. Our delivery time is based on the moment when we hand out your products to the express company.

Holiday On 2016

New Years Day 2016.1.1-2016.1.3
Spring Festival 2016.2.7-2016.2.13
Ching Ming Festival 2016.4.2-2016.4.4
Labor Day 2016.4.30-2016.5.2
Dragon Boat Festival 2016.6.9-2016.6.11
Mid-autumn festival 2016.9.15-2016.9.17
National holiday 2016.10.1-2016.10.7

PCB Shipping Policy

ProjectPCB orders calculate PCB shipping costs directly fromOur websites based on package size, weight, destination and shipping method.

We offer a variety of PCB order shipping options so you may choose the one that works best for you!

FedEx IE

Shipping days are only the business working days, when the delivery are unfortunate on the weekend, we will hold boards until next Monday. After delivery you will get email delivery notification for every online orders

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