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The China PCB Prototype Service From Projectpcb

  • PROJECT PCB Prototype

    We provides it’s own clients an easy, a simple quick turn pcb prototyping services,
    your gerber files will be reviewed and when the date is good for our pcb manufacturing technical specification and we will put it into production.


    what you will receive?

    • 1-50 boards with in 2-6 days, just for 1,2-4 boards.
    • both top and bottom Green soldermask and Only top white silkscreen
    • HASL surface finish, ENIG and Lead -free HASL are options.
    • FR4 Standard TG 140 Material
    • No Tooling Cost, One piece is available
    • 100% manufacturing checking before start
    • 100% e-testing guarantee

    pcb prototype

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    Stardard Process

    for prototype, we do it as standard. for example: 1, 2,4 layers, with HASL surface finish, Copper weight 1oz, Green soldermask with White silkscreen color, we disregard some generally options for example: peelable soldermask, via in pads, other soldermask colors, impedance control, buried vias.
    the special process require much more time and work to finish, and it will spend much more.
    by doing this, we are able to accomplish quick turn delivery at affordable prices.


    How to place the order online?

    • go to our web site project-pcb.com and visit online quote and order system
    • input the boards size and the quantity which you want to order
    • choose all the other details.
    • enter the lead time by 6 days or 8 days.
    • calculate the pcb prices right now
    • if you are happy with the price, just add it to cart.
    • upload the pcb file or gerber files.
    • pay it by paypal or place the order by wire transfer

    that’s it, very simple easy way.

if you are a new customer, contact our sales, so you can get a discount coupon.

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