Quick Turn PCB

Project pcb’s quick turn PCB service

quick turn pcb is the perfect way to save time and money.
If your order is urgent and cannot be operated according to our standard schedule.Here with our quick-turn pcb service, your printed circuit board can be completed in small runs and delivered in a hurry.

Our online pcb quote provide 6 or 8 days for single or double sided board. Our quick- turn pcb service is 1-5 days.

A example see below:

single and double sided board : 4 days, 1 time more than online total cost
multiple board: 5-6 days, 1 time more than online total cost
Before your place order,please send a email to sales@project-pcb.com. we will calculate the total cost and

after confirmed,please place order on our web site and leave a note. this is for quick-turn service. the exclusive person will contact you directly.quick turn pcb

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